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How to create Unique video advertising


Don’t make the mistake of making cookie cutter, automated video ads for your business that dozens of other businesses are probably using.   In this vast marketplace, your ads have to stand out and demand attention.  That is why a genuine and creative approach is  essential to your company’s success.   Unique video advertising on Social Media has changed the landscape and it’s taking a much larger portion of the TV audience year after year.  Therefore, your advertising has to keep up with the changes.


Nowadays, advertising utilizes  online and social media platforms, in addition to TV, where video still reigns as king.  People’s attention spans have shortened and you have to convince a fast moving audience to stop and interact with your ad.   You need a director with a passion for storytelling and a stylistic vision to portray your company.   Here is a samples of what I’m talking about

unique video advertising


An interesting approach that some agencies are taking is the hybrid TV commercial tactic where they get the audience’s attention with an emotional appeal, whether it’s funny or dramatic, and couple it with a simple Direct Response approach with a call to action.   This structure allows the narrative to draw in the audience which leads to a proposition that leads to a strong call to action (CTA).   When these two powerhouses work together, you get a wider appeal with measurable efficiency.




1.  Tell a story that connects on an emotional level.

2.  Build credibility with high quality creative

3.  Once the emotional appeal portion is complete, present a solution or a response

4.  Proceed to a call to action with a phone number or website

5.  Measurable results coupled with brand building simultaneously

6.  Here are some examples



The game has changed, audience targeting has become more precise and TV alone will not cut it anymore.  If you have a product or service you are trying to market, your best bet would be a hybrid approach rather than traditional Direct Response advertisement.  The structure of “problem and solution” doesn’t change but the creativity in presenting that structure has.   Why not have the best of both worlds with persuasive brand storytelling combined with measurable analytics to create successful advertising campaigns.

Post Production Services on Mockingjay Pt. 1

Behind the scenes video of Mockingay Pt. 1

Spot On Media had the privilege of providing post production services on the action film saga that has taken Hollywood by storm. Mocking Jay: Part 1 is the third film in the Hunger Games trilogy and it is bigger and better and more epic than its predecessors.  We were provided with raw footage of the BTS and were instructed to cut down 3 videos showcasing different elements of the production.      See videos below.

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