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Get 5 Star Video Production with Spot On Media

Spot On Media Gets 5-Stars on Clutch for Video Production


Video production is an increasingly important asset for brands of all sizes. With consumers’ focus shifting towards video content over most other forms, the use of videos on landing pages, websites, social media, and more is a crucial part of every successful marketing campaign.


The trouble is that most brands don’t have in-house video production expertise. So, how can brands leverage this important medium? Major brands succeed in video alongside 5-star video production companies like Spot On Media.

Sometimes You Have to Toot Your Own Horn


Recently, Spot On Media gained recognition as a 5-star company on Clutch, a research and reviews platform based in Washington DC. The platform helps B2B decision makers find the best partner for their needs, with a wide range of listings from mobile app developers to advertising agencies.

Spot On Media receives 5 Stars on Clutch

The Clutch team uses a proprietary research methodology to delve into each firms’ ability to deliver great work, measurable results, and outstanding client experiences.


Alongside their research methodology, Clutch relies heavily on client reviews to paint a picture of each firm on the platform. We’re grateful that our clients have recently spoken with Clutch about our work together, gaining us a place among Los Angeles video production leaders. Here are some of the comments that back up our ranking:

PSA Video Production for a Good Cause


Ross Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stomp Out Bullying said, “The PSAs they produce help us raise awareness of anti-bullying efforts. I don’t have the exact numbers but I’d say almost a million people have seen the spots. Spot On translates our message in a way people understand and makes them want to be involved in Blue Shirt Day World Day of Bullying Prevention. Their impact has been tremendous.”



“They always do a fabulous job. My background is in TV production so I can tell if a company is good or not and they are fantastic.”


“They’re so professional and have a great work ethic. I couldn’t ask for a better production company. They’re reliable and responsible. I know that if I give them a job I’m going to get a good product back. If I have an urgent request and need something right away, they will always try to fit it in.”


“Spot On is there to get the job done and we trust them completely. There are so many production companies in LA but they are the real deal. I lucked out when they called me.”


We’re so proud that we could deliver on all fronts for this partner, and we’re excited that Clutch has recognized our success. As we continue to work with Clutch in 2018, we can’t wait to see how we’ll rise in the ranks of their video production research.



Video Production Guide

How Video Production Helps Your Business

I get it, creating a promotional video can be a daunting task.    Will it get results?  How can I use it online?  Can I also air it on TV?  We’ll answer all of these questions and more below.  Just keep in mind that successful entrepreneurs have been using compelling promotional videos as part of their arsenal of marketing techniques for years with ridiculous results.

Here’s the deal, due to video production’s value to your online marketing and to your social media presence,  you can’t afford not to have a video produced for your company. produces promotional video for Life Alert. produces promotional video for Life Alert.

Promotional Videos Statistics


I know I’m preaching to the choir but  here are a few numbers to explain precisely how popular video marketing has become.

  • Video will claim at least 80% of all web traffic in the US by 2019 according to Cisco    
  • Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80% according to Unbounce
  • 64% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, increasing brand credibility
  • Growth of smartphones as the “communications hub” for social media, video consumption will go up


Video Content Approach 


Creative, Creative, Creative!  Good creative is still king no matter what platform you advertise on.  The effect of video production on sales has gone up drastically compared  to just 10 years ago.  Weak creative media results in weak conversion and sales lift.

This is true for  digital and traditional TV campaigns.  When Creative is at its best, the opposite is true.  Anybody can point a camera and shoot something but it’s the idea that matters.  People are inundated with images and videos so make sure your promos make people STOP scrolling and pay attention to you.   Shameless promotion here but you can find some samples here :  Spot On Media’s Directors


Put your Promotional Videos on Online


Put promotional videos  on your website, put them on Social Media, Put them on Youtube.  The biggest Social Media Platforms of 2017 were as follows:


Youtube– 1.5 billion people logged in to watch videos on Youtube.  If you decide to place your ads here, make sure they are engaging, original and ATTENTION grabbing. If you decide to do “Non-Skippable” ads, make sure they are 5-15 seconds long.   Also, according to Reuters Institute, 29% of Youtube users listen to Youtube while doing something else.  So make sure your content takes that into consideration.   Here are some samples:


Facebook – FB community is about 2 billion people.  With just a few Facebook video ads, you can improve engagement and prospecting.  You can have very precise targeting and get real-time scoring to determine customer purchasing intent.  Works best with creative videos that grab a customer’s attention in 3 seconds and work without sound.  


Instagram  – Two pronged approach to advertising videos on Instagram:  Stories and Feed.  Companies are already seeing results with Direct Response videos on Instagram stories and in the feed section,  increasing product sales, mobile app downloads, even visitors to your store.



Snapchat –  Finally Snapchat.  Here are a few companies that benefited from using Snapchat’s advertising platform.,,,, and many more brands.


Video boosts your site’s SEO

Furthermore, most customers go to a marketer’s website after viewing their video which dramatically improves your site’s SEO.

The video is an incredible tool used as a sale pitch enhancing your conversion rates, especially in the world of mobile.   As stated before, according to Cisco, video consumption on mobile devices will go up drastically in the coming years.


Video Strengthens Brand message

People don’t like to read.  So, if you’ve made it this far I’m proud of you.  Explaining your business takes science and art that’s why the best way to brand your company is through video.  You can find some good samples of branding videos here:


Put your Promotional Video on TV

You might think it is out of your budget or that TV is for much bigger companies but I’m here to tell you it is not.   TV is adapting to the new way of marketing and it is far from dead.  Also, Smart TVs are changing the game as they are able to get customer information much like Google.  So TV advertisers are able to pinpoint their audience to see who is watching their ads.  As a result, you can advertise locally for as low as $10 per 30 second spot.  You can advertise regionally for as low as $100 per 30 sec spot.  You can even advertise nationally affordably with Direct Response ads.  The fact is when it comes to commercials, TV still holds its own.






How to create Unique video advertising


Don’t make the mistake of making cookie cutter, automated video ads for your business that dozens of other businesses are probably using.   In this vast marketplace, your ads have to stand out and demand attention.  That is why a genuine and creative approach is  essential to your company’s success.   Unique video advertising on Social Media has changed the landscape and it’s taking a much larger portion of the TV audience year after year.  Therefore, your advertising has to keep up with the changes.


Nowadays, advertising utilizes  online and social media platforms, in addition to TV, where video still reigns as king.  People’s attention spans have shortened and you have to convince a fast moving audience to stop and interact with your ad.   You need a director with a passion for storytelling and a stylistic vision to portray your company.   Here is a samples of what I’m talking about

unique video advertising


An interesting approach that some agencies are taking is the hybrid TV commercial tactic where they get the audience’s attention with an emotional appeal, whether it’s funny or dramatic, and couple it with a simple Direct Response approach with a call to action.   This structure allows the narrative to draw in the audience which leads to a proposition that leads to a strong call to action (CTA).   When these two powerhouses work together, you get a wider appeal with measurable efficiency.




1.  Tell a story that connects on an emotional level.

2.  Build credibility with high quality creative

3.  Once the emotional appeal portion is complete, present a solution or a response

4.  Proceed to a call to action with a phone number or website

5.  Measurable results coupled with brand building simultaneously

6.  Here are some examples



The game has changed, audience targeting has become more precise and TV alone will not cut it anymore.  If you have a product or service you are trying to market, your best bet would be a hybrid approach rather than traditional Direct Response advertisement.  The structure of “problem and solution” doesn’t change but the creativity in presenting that structure has.   Why not have the best of both worlds with persuasive brand storytelling combined with measurable analytics to create successful advertising campaigns.

Artificial Sweetener: A Look Inside

On October 19, 2014 Spot On Media finished production on “Artificial Sweetener”, a short film exploring the complicated aspects of human relationships in the digital age. Taking place in a coffee shop, the film follows a young woman, Mikayla, whose own insecurities create the backdrop for her discomfort and paranoia about the people around her, specifically one individual, who might be a danger to everyone in the coffee shop. Continue reading Artificial Sweetener: A Look Inside

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