According to Google and MSN Research
Video increases sales by 72%

Spot On Media is the best kept secret by industry leaders like top agencies and companies such as Nissan, Honda, Lionsgate, ABC and many more, largely due to the fact that we do all of our creative in-house and we are a Non-Union production company.

Spot On Mediaalso utilizes the latest cutting-edge technology to streamline workflow and deliver stunning picture quality, dazzling VFX and 3D graphics to your project.

Our artists have a palette of powerful creative tools which include After Effects, Maya, Lightwave, Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Pro.

We also use the RED DRAGON, a digital HD camera capable of producing mind-blowing 5K images. The RED offers the imaging power to make the leap from shooting HD to creating gorgeous feature films such as Pirates of The Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman and The Hobbit and many more.

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