Infomercial or long-form Spot On Media commercials allow the advertiser a longer amount of time to make a strong case for a product by offering testimonials, before and after pictures, 3D animation, demonstrations and a lot more. While short-form branding commercials impact that “long lasting” impression of your brand on the market, infomercials go straight for that immediate sale are generally forgotten within a week.

Regardless of the product, convenience is always a strong sales motivator. Nothing is more convenient than picking up the telephone to place an order.

An audio-visual sales presentation like an infomercial is both compelling and convincing. Since department stores sales people are often unfamiliar with the uses, operation, and versatility of all their products, retail outlets consistently fail to get consumers excited about a product. Conversely, a simple product demonstration presented via an infomercial can convey product knowledge, attract interest, and produce an immediate decision to buy.

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