About Us

Spot On Media provides High-End Creative Production for Small Businesses, Ad Agencies and Fortune 500 Companies. We will work with you to produce a TV ad, Web Video, Infomercial or Corporate Video that is simply SPOT ON!

Production Services:

  1.     Scripting & Development
  2.     TV Commercials, Infomercials, Web Videos, Corporate Videos
  3.     3D Animations & Motion Graphics
  4.     Airtime on Television, Radio, Print, Web
  5.     Spot On Media provides an Award-Winning Creative Team to produce a one-of-a-kind commercial that will generate results!
  6.     You get access to World-Class Call Centers, Media Buyers and Online Distributors! Spot On Media is your one-stop-shop for all your Television Advertising Needs.


And discover our 3 areas of expertise


We research the market, analyze historical data, explore your brand and develop unique creatives to
resonate with your audience.


Techno-Babble is boring but being equipped
with the latest and greatest helps forge a strong visual presentation.


What do you see?


When you succeed, we succeed! That is the reason why we take our time to get to know you,
your brand and your company culture. This means asking questions, lots of them, sometimes difficult ones to make sure we don’t leave any stones unturned. Which creative has worked for you? Which hasn’t? And so on.

We then research market data to see what the competition has done and what has worked
for them and why. Equipped with this new data, our award-winning creative team goes to work to creative concepts. Some straight forward, others out of the box, and sometimes even completely whacky ones. Just give us some freedom and we guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Once you pick a concept that you are 100% stoked about, we write the copy and use it as a blueprint for the entire process from pre-production to production to post-production. Working hand in hand with your creative team and media buyers, we produce variations of your commercial to test in different market sectors. Our goal is to give you a superior commercial which delivers your very best ROI.

commercial which delivers your very best ROI.


We get to play with some of the coolest gadgets available in the market. Our artists
use cutting-edge technology to streamline workflow and deliver stunning picture quality, dazzling VFX and 3D graphics to set your brand apart from the competition.

We have at our disposal a palette of powerful creative instruments including After Effects, Maya, Lightwave, Avid, Final Cut and Premiere Pro.

We also use the industry’s top HD cameras including Alexa and Red. These revolutionary digital cameras were used to film studio pictures such as Pirates of The Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman, Hobbit and many more.


In the book Breakpoint & Beyond, the authors conducted an experiment in which they asked a group of adults and children to name various ways of using a paperclip.

Adults could only think of 10-15 uses for the paperclip, whereas Children, 5 years and younger, came up with over 200 alternatives!

At Spot On Media, we’d like to think that we have remained children at heart, especially when it comes to creativity. We encourage everyone on our team to explore and unleash their inner child
to deliver the most memorable concepts for you, our client.

Our Clients

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